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Forensic Services


Having overseen mental health services in the New Jersey State Prison system for the past twenty one years, Dr. Mitch Abrams has unique experience in understanding the criminal mentality, the realities of prison life, and the intricacies of the criminal justice system.  Specifically, he has specialized in treating severe mental illness inside correctional settings.  This has included developing and supervising inpatient mental health units inside prisons that exceed community standards.  Currently, Dr. Abrams is the Chief Psychologist & Clinician Administrator for University Correctional Healthcare (UCHC), now the arm of Rutgers University that delivers medical and mental health services for the New Jersey Department of Corrections.  He oversees the delivery of mental health services at the thirteen states prisons in New Jersey.


In addition, Dr. Abrams has committed himself to the training of young psychologists in correctional mental health.  As the coordinator of the Forensic Track of Rutgers' predoctoral internship program, he provides group supervision to the forensic interns, provides ongoing support to the supervisors of the interns, and has developed the Prison Lecture Series - a series of didactic lectures that focus upon mental health issues in the prison domain.  In this series, he lectures on Anger Management in Prison, Functional Analysis of Inmate Behavior - Why They Do What They Do, and Complex PTSD and Borderline States.


Dr. Abrams has lectured on the above topics in national and international forums.  If you would be interested in having Dr. Abrams lecture at your hospital or facility, feel free to contact him.


Forensic services are a significant part of Dr. Abrams' private practice.  Some of the services that he provides include:



  • Child Custody Evaluations

  • Competence to Parent

  • Reunification Therapy (for more information, click to the right) 

  • Court Ordered Anger Management Treatment

  • Criminal Competence and Responsibility

  • Assessment of Dangerousness

  • Attorney Consultations (Review of Mental Health Records, Jury Selection, Strategy)

  • Personal Injury Evaluations

  • Athlete Risk Assessments for Criminal, Violence or Sexual Violence Risk - Dr. Abrams is one of the only Sport Psychologists in the U.S. that is also Forensically trained.  He is available for risk assessments as well as consultations on player selection related to future transgressions.



It is important for the client(s) to know that, in general, forensic services are not covered by health insurance plans.   The evaluations are part of a service required for the courts and not the treatment of a medical/psychological condition.


If you have would like to discuss retaining Dr. Abrams for any of the above services, feel free to have your attorney email: or call (732) 460-1300.

Clinical & Forensic Psychology 

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